What is NIPTunegx® (Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing)


Why NIPTunegx®

A non-invasive and safe DNA-based blood test that can be performed in your early pregnancy stages to estimate the risk of your baby being born with a genetic abnormality, such as Down syndrome.
As early as 8 weeks
Whole genome screening
10ml blood sample
High Sensitivity
Incorporates prior risk using First Trimester Combined Test
Individualized  reports
Rapid turnaround time
Optional genetic counselling
Optional fetal sex identification, as per Local Government Regulations

Is NIPTunegx® for you

Highly recommended

Advanced maternal age (>35 years)

Advanced paternal age (>40 years)

Ultrasound abnormalities e.g., shortened long bones

Family history of genetic disorders


Singleton or twin pregnancies

IVF pregnancy


Received an organ transplant

Has or had cancer

Carries a chromosomal imbalance

Had a transfusion of heterologous cells in the last year

Has a complete or partial monosomy X (Turner syndrome)

How NIPTunegx® works

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